Traditional Worship Services are Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

This is a traditional service. Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

Special worship services are held on Holy Days, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Christmas Eve. Dates and times will be announced, or you may contact the church office.

Visitors are always welcome.

What is our traditional worship service like?

Greetings and Announcements All are welcomed; announcements about church life are made.
Prelude We prepare quietly for worship, to silence our hearts and focus on God.
Lighting of the Christ Candle Symbol of Jesus, the “light of the world;” the candle reminds us of the presence of the living Christ.
Call to Worship We are invited to begin our worship of God with words of adoration.
Prayer of Adoration The prayer amplifies our praise of God.
Hymn We sing as we continue our worship and praise.
Prayer of Confession We recognize our frailty and brokenness before God. We are called to confess our sin to God and one another, which we do first together, then individually in silence.
Assurance of Forgiveness Having confessed, we can be sure of God’s grace and forgiveness; it is cause for celebration!
Gloria Patri Praise to God in three persons – in thanksgiving for God’s forgiveness!
Prayer for Illumination We ask God to help us hear the reading of scripture.
The Old & New Testament Readings Readings from the Bible typically are from each testament; selected by the minister, usually read by a lay person.
The Anthem A choral piece that serves two purposes: to lift our hearts to God and to give us time to digest the scripture readings.
Sermon An interpretation and application to current life of the scripture texts for the day.
Hymn Our singing reminds us of the message of the day.
Prayers of the People We lift our hearts in prayer, usually led by a lay person; we pray for our city, our world, our church, our neighbors, ourselves. The prayer ends with the unison Lord’s Prayer (Our Father… debts and debtors …).
The Offertory Responding to God’s Word The offering is introduced, and all have a chance to respond to God by giving a financial gift.
The Doxology “Doxo” means “praise” in Greek; we praise God for God’s goodness to us.
Hymn We sing to close the service and prepare us to take the joy of worship out into the world
Benediction We receive God’s blessing as we leave worship.
Postlude A concluding musical piece to help people make the transition out of worship.


We recognize and celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

index Christian parents may present their children for baptism as a sign and seal of God’s promise to them as being of God’s covenant. Adults, not having been previously baptized, may be baptized upon profession of their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
index The Lord’s Supper is celebrated the first Sunday of each month. All baptized Christians are invited to partake of the elements.