Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for the ministry of education with adults, children, and youth. This includes Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, youth fellowship, and special events.

Christian Education at St. Mark

— expressions of ministry that enable people
throughout their life to know God through Christ

  • by learning and exploring the Christian Story (both ancient and present) and
  • by developing the understanding and skills that they need to live a joyful and faithful life in all situations.

Our mission is to Explore, Experience, and Share the Christian Story.

Sunday School

Sunday School is 9:15 Sunday mornings, except for Easter Sunday, and during the month of July.

Adult classes:

  • Gleaner’s – a traditional Bible study class featuring different leaders each month. This is St. Mark’s longest running class.  The Gleaner’s class is currently using the Present Word Curriculum which is based on the International Sunday School lesson.  Located in Princeton Hall.
  • The Bible Discussion Class –  focuses on different portions of the Bible for study and discussion.  Located in Princeton Hall.
  • Men’s Bible Study –  discusses the application of Bible and Church teachings of ethics as applied to everyday life.   Located in Princeton Hall.

Youth and Children:

  • Nursery
  • Toddlers – 2 and 3 years old.  Located in Austin Hall.
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten –  The children learn various Old and New Testament stories.  Located in Austin Hall.
  • Kindergarten-5th Grade Class – using the PCUSA curriculum lessons.   Located in Princeton Hall.
  • Middle School Sunday School class  (6th grade – 8th grade)  – Currently studying the curriculum called re:form.  Located in Austin Hall.  Each re:form session follows a three-part sequence:
    • Encounter –Youth gather together to watch a hilarious animated video.
    • Engage –Creative activities like doodling, constructing, and journaling.
    • Respond – Share thoughts and ideas about the session’s question.